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Bench-Top Wire Sample Measurement.

D360 is a bench-top laser measurement instrument for ultra fine wire diameter and full ovality measurement, includes a laser diffraction micrometer and an optional accessary for wire sample rotation (WSR). No rotating mirror inside, all static parts provide excellent durability and reliability. 
  • Features
  • Specification
    • 1、±0.01µm, Industry Leading Accuracy For Fine Wire Measurement

      Powered by two build-in high-performance DSP digital processing units and combined with patented algorithm and exclusively self-calibration technology.	
    • 2、Long Durability

      No moving parts inside, all static parts ensures a long durability and better reliability than laser scan micrometers. 	
    • 3、Insensitive to Dirt, Vibration and Temperature Change

      The exclusively temperature compensation technology assures DALA laser gaue will not be affected by temperature changes
      *Take wire with diameter of 0.1mm for example, the temperature changes every 10℃, the measurement result only be affected less than 0.000025mm.	
    • 4、Flexible and convenient application

      The instrument has a built-in data storage unit for data analysis.
      High definition display unit provides a wide angle of view reaches up to 170°, easily and comfor#sql_table# to read data from the display.	

      Measuring range (mm)

      Repeatbility (μm)±0.01±0.04



      Dimension (mm)227*51*113
      Operating environment0℃~40℃
      Measurement principleMotorless, Laser diffraction
      CommunicationRS485(Modbus RTU  Protocol )
      Display HD OLED
      Data type


      Export  data
    2 years

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