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Founded in 2012, SCreate Technology designs and manufactures measurement instruments for the wire, cable and drawing die production. 

In 2015, launched drawing die measurement system, which is not just perform as excellent as the best, but also added more updated features on it. 

In 2017, launched wire diameter laser gauge using technique of laser diffraction, which is proved the best solution for very fine wire diameter control. 

In 2019, launched dual-axis laser gauge for wire, cable and plastic diameter and ovality measurement using CCD line sensor and diffraction analysis technology.

Our strong R&D capability allows us to explore leading techniques in different applications, with which we hope to accelerate wire and cable industry towards to a fast and quality development. 


Designed to the world most leading performance

  • 7+


  • 40%

    of revenue invested in R&D

  • 70%

    of employees are Bachelor & above

Vision & Mission

Dedicated to building the brand ‘Screate’ with spirit of challenge & innovation, supply the world with high quality products.
Vision & Mission


Drawing Die Measurement System Fine Wire Diameter Inline Control-Laser Diffraction Gauge

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